New Jersey Businesses We Serve

Oh lawdy! Papers upon papers all over the place, never any time to clean, and a constant flow of clientele creepily milling about in your office draining the keurig of all it’s deliciousness.

Simple Clean knows Lawyers and their staff are insanely busy, like, legit busy. Not searching Youtube busy, but work-wise busy.

You and your staff definitely don’t have time to clean, and, let’s be serious: YOU HAVE A LAW DEGREE, YOU AIN’T CLEANING TOILETS OR TAKING OUT GARBAGE.

Can’t blame you there. Leave that to Simple Clean, we haven’t spent years behind the books, but rather years perfecting the cleaning industry and having fun.

Ha, we couldn’t generalize more when we say, “Commercial spaces” or “Office Building” cleaning.

Whatever business you run, shouldn’t you at least keep a tidy space? It is scientifically proven that clean spaces produce a more productive workforce.

Wait, is that true?

Maybe we just made that up. Hell, sounds good though, right? 

So, whether you are running a t-shirt design company,  a toy store, or a meth lab (they need to be super clean, we charge a bit extra) don’t let your employees work in a dirty environment, or don’t have them clean the building to save some extra buckaroos. That never turns out good, but you knew that.

Spend a little money, call good ol’ Simple Clean, and you won’t have to worry about anything, anymore. 

You know that a first impression is valuable to a potential client, and newcomers into your medical office. 

A recent CDC report shows that more than a half-million Americans were infected with different bacteria from MEDICAL OFFICES, not hospitals. The CDC also reports that 15,000 were from the bacteria C. Difficile, which can cause deadly diarrhea.” 

LOL, that statement right there, should be enough to know that a clean office in this industry is paramount.

I know personally, If I walk into some sort of Medical office, and the bathroom isn’t clean, or things are dusty, I’m creeped out, and walking out. 
If anything, patients are complainers and will stop at nothing to say something to their friends about either a super clean office, or a super dirty one.

You don’t want the latter, so….give us a ring if you are wondering whether or not you need a cleaning service, or the one you have right now just stinks. 

Ah, the creme de’ la creme of a cleaning services dreams!

Constantly hustling around, zipping around the office, partying, gambling, smoking cigars, drinking, etc; We know how crazy you guys get, and that if a cleaning service isn’t in your back pocket, no one has the time do do it, nor do they want to.

You need someone you can trust, that has all the proper insurance, and, that also likes to party.

Need I say more? Nope. Call. us. Now. 

Dust, dust and more dust! We love dust! No, seriously, we do.

Without dust, we’re out of business. We also love manufacturing plants, and the office counterparts that go with them.

Dust and dirt drift in to the office area, where squeaky clean workers in their nicely ironed clothes and clean lungs try to maintain a healthy environment, while not complaining about the “other side” of the building tracking dirt and dust in. We absolutely get it.

The “other side” works just as hard in the plant, behind machines every day, and could use a clean environment, clean bathrooms, and a little help as they get physically tired throughout the day. Nobody in a manufacturing plant, or in any office, after working all day wants to CLEAN.


This is why you need a cleaning service, why you need Simple Clean, and need someone who get’s “it”. 

Did we come across crass, by telling you everything you need? Mmmm, probably. just trying to be transparent. I mean, that’s our motto and all. 

Ah, banks and Credit Unions.

Nothing needs to look cleaner than a place that holds and invests customers money. We get it.

If you’ve got dusty floors, a dirty bathroom, and an ATM machine with nasty fingerprints all over it, customers WILL complain, as they always do! 

Do we really need to write you a long description of what a bank needs, and what you are looking for? No, definitely not. 

If a cleaning service can’t understand what a bank needs to look like on a daily basis, then we have no business in this industry, or well, any industry.