Covid-19 New Cleaning Procedures

Simple Clean and fine misting, are here to the rescue!

With the addition of this new Coronavirus to our society, Simple Clean is now taking a different and more procedural approach to disinfecting office spaces. This new approach involves a super fine mist, which releases our virucide in tiny droplets, without having to wipe down anything which could cause cross contamination.

A lot of this is new, and there’s a lot of information out there now. What we’re trying to do is offer an alternative to regular microfiber cloths, that have a disinfectant on them, but can POSSIBLY cross contaminate surfaces. It’s not logical to change out a rag after every single surface it touches, unfortunately.

This certainly won’t replace the physical act of cleaning, in Simple Clean’s procedures, as bathrooms, desks, blinds, moldings, etc; need to be dusted and wiped down, but what it will do is create a sterile environment, AFTER the physical cleaning. We want to create a separate event, with this fine mist procedure, which will absolutely add an extra layer on top of our already legendary service. Yep, legendary

The Benefits Of Fine Misting

Why use fine misting? These products offer several appealing benefits:

What We've Learned So Far

While we know what we are capable of doing on the physical cleaning side of things, keeping our staff happy, keeping you, our client happy, we really need to change our standard operating procedures.

We want to be able to offer you every possible system that is available, and that is considered a viable option to keep you and your staff free from any bacteria in your workspace. Understanding that it is nearly impossible to contain every microbe, what we CAN do is limit the amount of bacteria, and give you peace of mind that you took every step possible to protect your staff.

What we don’t want to do is scare you into thinking this is a must do for your office, certainly, that is at your discretion. Will it help, absolutely. Is it necessary, meh, we won’t know just yet. That’s about as honest and transparent as we can be. We want to inform you that this would be an added step in precautionary measures that you could take. Let’s not get crazy, but let’s stay informed, educated, and up to date on all the new procedures that are going to come after this pandemic. We will do our best to keep you informed, as more information comes in from the Covid-19 database, and the experts that are providing us this information. Stay healthy!