Free Lunch with Simple clean

We’re bringing back the art of business over a nice meal. Fill out the form to learn more about Simple Clean and we’ll cater lunch for your entire office. No gimmicks and no strings attached.

Why Choose Simple Clean?

Easing Your Mind

You have confidential files and/or expensive equipment in your office. You can trust our team to respect your property and not set-off your alarm system.


Considering the service we provide, our cleaning services are extremely affordable. You never want your trained staff cleaning - let them be good at what they were hired to do.

Create Spotless Waiting Areas

Your waiting room says a lot about your business and also sets a tone for your customer's visit... we help you make sure they get the right feeling interacting with your business.

increase profitability

Customers who visit a clean establishment feel more comfortable and confident in their choice to do business with you; they are therefore more inclined to refer your business.